Jordi Arbusà

Head of Development


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Currently, the demand for structural adhesive joints is increasing its market share to the detriment of traditional mechanical joints. Those structural adhesive bonding systems point out to a higher specialization about the technical requirements expected and increasing the market demand on.

The addition of nano-sized fillers in small concentrations in adhesive compositions allows the improvement of certain mechanical properties without significant alteration of the polymerization process or reaction kinetics.

Based on a commercially available bicomponent adhesive formulation, developed by a partnership between GLOO and the Materials Engineering Group (GEMAT) form IQS-URL, studies have been carried out on the addition of nanofillants of lamellar nanosilicates, fibrillar nanosilicates and modified calcium carbonate (PCP) in different concentrations and by means of different dispersion methods, to study the effects of the same to the shear resistance and its effects on the other dynamo-mechanical properties of the original formulation.

Presentation Abstract

Development of novel multi-functional complex adhesives systems to be used in high demanding bonding situations

Passionate sailor and outdoor sports enthusiast, he has developed his professional carreer mixing his passion with the studies on MSc. Idustrial Engineering specialized in materials. Former researcher of GEMAT, founded SAILING TECHNOLOGIES, spin-off of GEMAT, to explore the entrepreneurial side been able to market his final degree project into high demanding users niche market. Nowadays, he is in charge of new developments at GLOO (former SAILING TECHNOLOGIES), trying to find out new points of view in the adhesives’ industry.

Presentation Time

Breakout III: Improving adhesion performance

Thursday, 12 September 2019, 14:00 - 14:30

FEICA Conference