Victor Clemens

Head of Technology and Innovation

Sulzer Mixpac AG

Personal Biography

Victor Clemens holds a MSc. in Industrial Engineering and a MAS in Innovation Management. Currently he is responsible for the global technology and innovation group within Sulzer Mixpac, the leading supplier of packaging, mixing and application solutions for two component adhesives, sealants and fillers across wide range of markets and industries.

Presentation Abstract

Sustainable packaging and application system for the future of adhesives in a Circular Economy

Due to constant rise in use of lightweight material, new technologies in manufacturing industries and importance of protection, conservation and packaging, adhesive applications has been on the rise over the last decades. Despite the tremendous positive contribution of this industry in the larger economy, the resulting negative environmental impacts require urgent measures from all responsible players in the supply chain. 

The paper presents a novel collapsible packaging developed in Sulzer Mixpac over last years for mixing and dispensing of 2K adhesives in various applications. The flexible or foldable packaging is intrinsically greener compared to its classic counterpart: a solid plastic cartridge. The packaging is designed to be effectively folded without loss of performance, resulting in significantly lower waste volume. It has substantially less plastic weight and tends to be lighter than rigid solutions with comparable capacity. As a result, transportation is also more efficient and the CO2 footprint in the entire supply chain is reduced.

The paper outlines the entire development cycle and describes the key technical features of the product. In the end, it will conclude with a summary of remaining economical and technical challenges in development and introduction of futuristic eco-friendly packaging within the chemical industry at large.


Co-authors: Tobias Bödenmueller, Christian Majoleth

Presentation Time

Breakout IV: Focus on sustainable development

Thursday, 12 September 2019, 17:00 - 17:30

FEICA Conference