Olivier Defrain

Technical Manager - Adhesive & Sealant - Europe

Total Cray Valley

Personal Biography

Olivier Defrain studied Chemistry and Engineering Process at the Engineering School CPE-Lyon and graduated in 2002. After graduation, he worked during 13 years in Rubber Industry, in particularly on the development of new coatings without formaldehyde enabling to obtain an excellent adhesion between textiles and rubber compounds. In 2016, he joined Total Cray Valley as Technical Manager for Adhesive and Sealant Applications.

Presentation Abstract

Synthesis, characterization and main properties of farnesene-based polymers

A bio-based route to the production of trans-β-farnesene has recently been commercialized. Trans-β-farnesene is capable of being polymerized by both anionic and cationic pathways, creating low molecular weight polymers with structure-property relationships unique within the diene class of monomers.

Trans-β-farnesene is produced through fermentation of sugar feedstocks. The pathway offers an alternative to petroleum-based feedstocks derived as by-products of naptha or ethane cracking. Anionic polymerization of the monomer produces a highly branched "bottle-brush" structure, with rheological properties that are markedly different than those of linear diene polymers. Specifically, a lack of entanglements is observed even at relatively high molar masses. For dihydroxyl-terminated oligomers, Tg as a function of molar mass follows a trend opposite non-functional materials.

The synthesis and characterization of trans-β-farnesene-based polymers will be presented, including anionically prepared low molecular weight diols and monols. Their main properties will be also reviewed in order to demonstrate their potential applications in Adhesive & Sealant Industry.



Steven K. HENNING, Taejun YOO and Nan TIAN

Presentation Time

Breakout X: Bio-based Adhesives

Friday, 15 September 2017, 11:30 - 12:00

FEICA Conference