Dr Warren Ebenezer

Applications Research Manager

Addivant UK Limited

Personal Biography

Warren began his R&D career at ICI Specialties in new product development within the textile colourants division developing reactive dyes. He continued in the specialty colourants R&D field with BASF and then DyStar which became the world’s biggest dyestuff producer.

In 2009, Warren joined Jay Chemical Industries in Ahmedabad, India as Research Manager, where he set up a new research facility. Warren moved into polymer specialty chemicals in 2013 joining Addivant. In 2015 Warren became Applications Research Manager involved in the design and development of new product formulations in diverse polymer applications such as packaging, adhesives, elastomers and cables.

Presentation Abstract

Innovative stabilization solutions for packaging hot melt adhesives

Rapid innovation continues within packaging adhesives to meet new demands such as greater flexible packaging, recycling and innovative designs to ensure greater sustainability and protect the contents shipped around the world. Increased internet shopping is leading to case and carton packaging growth due to the benefits provided such as easy printing, strength and durability, and increased recyclability. Adhesives only represent a small fraction of the packaging cost, however they are critical in ensuring the effectiveness of the packaging and increasing sustainability.

Hot melt adhesive formulations have changed significantly to meet these evolving and demanding needs in the packaging industry. However, the stabilisation packages used in adhesive formulations have not evolved to meet the increasing demands and are the same as 20 years ago. In some critical applications better stabilisation packages are required to improve the thermal and colour stability, improve viscosity stability, and increase productivity. With the ultimate goal of improving functionality, extending packaging lifetime and achieving excellent aesthetics.

Addivant has developed a new series of stabilisers which significantly increase the colour and viscosity stability of metallocene polyolefin and EVA-based hot melt adhesives for packaging. These packages are drop-in replacement solutions for the existing stabilisation packages used in the industry.



Dr Irfaan Foster, Chris Ridder, Dr Jonathan Hill

Presentation Time

Breakout XII: Additives and Resins

Friday, 15 September 2017, 12:00 - 12:30

FEICA Conference