Anna Eriksson

Technical Manager Chemical Industry

Nynas AB

Personal Biography

Ms Eriksson has an M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering with special focus on Polymer Technology from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. She has been working at Nynas AB, Naphthenics division since 2006 in various positions covering product development, quality, customer support, research related activities and application specific education.

She currently holds the position of Technical Manager for the Chemical Industry segment, where she coordinates technical activities with the industry, customers, academia, test institutes and authorities.

Presentation Abstract

High performance bio-based plasticiser for sustainable adhesive development

Many adhesive technologies require an efficient plasticiser to optimise the adhesion performance. Highly refined mineral oil is extensively used as a plasticiser in m-PO and SBC based adhesives due to compatibility, stability and appearance reasons.

However, in recent years the process industry is increasingly looking for sustainable raw materials. In line with this trend there are a few bio-based technologies that are of interest as alternatives to mineral oil plasticisers for adhesive formulations. This paper will review the technical performance of one of the most promising renewable plasticisers for hotmelt adhesives.

The renewable oil is based on fermented bio-waste that is further processed into a high viscosity, water white, colour stable and heat resistant product. This paper compares the bio-based plasticiser performance with commercially available mineral oils in both SBC and m-PO adhesive formulations.

Presentation Time

Breakout V: Smart solutions through bio-based adhesives and sealants

Thursday, 13 September 2018, 16:30 - 17:00

FEICA Conference