Dr Samira Jafari

Innovation Engineer

Sulzer Mixpac AG

Personal Biography

Samira Jafari is a development engineer in Strategic Innovation department in Sulzer Mixpac. She holds a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zürich and has been with Sulzer as mixing and simulation specialist since 2014.

Presentation Abstract

Re-discovering the potential of dynamic mixing systems: Custom-made designs for 2K-adhesives using computational fluid dynamics

Over the last decades, the application of 2K-adhesives has been on the rise across various industries. With emergence of new technologies and high-end applications, the quest for more effective material and reliable applicator systems continues. Along the process chain, the mixing systems remain a crucial element in successful application of 2K-adhesives. Static mixers have been historically the preferred choice due to their inherent simplicity, ease of use and relatively low cost. However, despite the advances, static mixers could exhibit suboptimal performance due to combination of adhesive properties and operating conditions. Dynamic mixers provide an alternative for more demanding applications where a higher degree of accuracy and efficiency is required.

The paper outlines the methodology developed at Sulzer Mixpac to design custom-made dynamic mixers using Computational Fluid Dynamics. A new numerical method is developed to assess the mixing performance in dynamic mixers with higher accuracy in an attempt to obtain application specific designs at a competitive cost. The method is verified extensively compared to measurement data and is applied for design optimization for a prescribed application. The study demonstrates that dynamic mixers, once coupled with appropriate dispensing system, enable mixing with higher precision and efficiency in an ever expanding 2K-adhesive applications.



Joachim Schöck, Josef Ettlin, Rico Iten, Lorenz Scheck, Victor Clemens

Presentation Time

Breakout VII: Manufacturing and Processing

Friday, 15 September 2017, 09:30 - 10:00

FEICA Conference