Gonzalo Löwenberg

Global Technical Business Manager – Adhesives, Engineered Polymers

Lubrizol engineered polymers

Personal Biography

Gonzalo Löwenberg has a BSc in Chemistry and Degree in Physical Electrochemistry from “Autonoma University of Madrid”. He holds a Masters in R&D+i Project Management at Institute for International Research (IIR) and Project Management Development (PMD) from “Esade University”. He has worked in Lubrizol since 2012 as Global R&D Manager Applications & Technical Service, Adhesives, engineered polymers, after working for more than sixteen years at Quilosa and Selena Group as R&D and Quality Manager. In parallel to that position, during eight years, he also managed a team of basic research projects (polymers) in collaboration with Fine Chemical Pilot Plant (University of Alcalá de Henares).

Presentation Abstract

High performance TPU expands the universe of adhesive solutions

Designers, manufacturers and formulators have been looking for soft-touch bonded materials that can improve processability and meet stringent regulatory requirements for non-toxic solutions. Furthermore, U.V. resistance, breathability and elastic recovery are also key attributes demanded from materials.

In this constant process of innovation and continuous development, Lubrizol has broadened its polymer solutions by providing two new portfolios: PearlbondTM soft 300, and fast and high heat-resistant 700. These innovations solve the challenges above by bridging the gap between adhesive and elastomer applications. The newest additions are non-yellowing and breathable grades. As an example, plasticizer-free PearlbondTM 300 TPU gives you freedom, comfort and a superior soft hand feel in textiles, footwear, outdoor equipment and leather goods.

New elasticity performance, comfort, high chemical resistance, and durability at lower temperature cycles are assured by applying the fast-setting 700 TPU series. When applying Pearlbond, processes are simplified due to short cycle time. Fabric, apparel and other substrates can benefit from outstanding adhesion and good wash- and hydrolysis resistance.

Our technologies, which are suitable for hot melt adhesives and HMPUR (RHM) processes, bring together diverse solutions for different end use applications and are expanding the universe of pioneering specialties.

Presentation Time

Breakout III: Elastomers and Elastic Adhesives

Thursday, 14 September 2017, 14:00 - 14:30

FEICA Conference