Wiwat Pornwannachai

Technology Development Engineer

SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Personal Biography

Wiwat started his career in polymer compounds at Mitsubishi Technical Centre Asia, and then went to advance knowledge in formulation development with his PhD in more specialty of flame retardant composites for high performance applications at University of Bolton. He has been a senior researcher in formulation development at Foamtec International, and currently works at SCG Chemicals Business responsible to development of new inorganic additive platform. With his expertise in developing and formulating polymer compounds, he contributes to support company business to drive market adoption of new inorganic additive platform, and to develop new formulations to meet customers’ requirement.

Presentation Abstract

New 2D functional materials capture CO2 in adhesives during curing

In moisture cured polyurethane adhesives, carbon dioxide (CO2) is generated during curing which leads to bubble formation that lowers the mechanical properties of the cured adhesives. With tailored properties, CIERRA®, a novel functional materials platform created via collaboration between Siam Cement Group (SCG, Thailand) and the University of Oxford (United Kingdom), can be used as a CO2 scavenger to eliminate undesired bubbles. With layered structure of double oxide chemistry, CIERRA® product allows adsorption of carbon dioxide to its layer structure under ambient to yield its hydroxide form. With our capability to customise surface area, the product hence perform excellent adsorption performance in both adsorption rate and capacity when used in PU formulation. Our test results show 3 times higher CO2 adsorption using CIERRA® compared to an existing solution of carbon black. In formulations, bubble is significantly reduced with addition of CIERRA®, hence improving the final properties such as mechanical performance and electrical conductivity. From these promising results and collaboration with our customers, we suggest that CIERRA® may be considered as a new potential material platform answering the need in adhesive market such as CO2 capture.

The CIERRA® platform is based on modification technology to customize chemical composition, porosity, and surface of the materials. This offers multiples benefits to applications in adhesives as an additive to enhance performance of adhesive formulations such as flame retardant and barrier properties.

Presentation Time

Breakout II: New raw material concepts for PU

Thursday, 12 September 2019, 15:00 - 15:30

FEICA Conference