Dr. Vysakh Prasad

Consultant Chemicals and Technical Consumables

Schlegel und Partner GmbH

Personal Biography

Dr. Vysakh Prasad obtained his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Muenster in 2014. Afterwards, he joined Schlegel und Partner as a consultant. In this position, he has conducted numerous projects for adhesives and sealants, supporting customers to get a better understanding of downstream markets especially in emerging markets such as India. This includes analysis of trends, the deduction of unmet needs, creating value argumentations and market entry strategies. During various projects on A&S at Schlegel und Partner, he has conducted over 200 expert interviews.

Presentation Abstract

How special are we? - Creating successful and sustainable business strategies in the adhesive and sealant industry

In an era were chemicals companies are facing tougher environment as the growing segments with the industry are getting commoditized. How this affects A&S industry. Do we need to be special to be successful or are there any other ways with which you can create your successful business strategies.

In a time where the majority of the chemical industry is going through a lot of consolidation and the growing industrial segments are getting commoditized. Even within A&S industry, which is viewed rather as specialty compared to other chemical industries, the question arises does the A&S industry need to be more special to be successful. Or are there other business models that are successful? Schlegel und Partner analyzed the A&S industry to derive different groups of business models and answers the question where the industry is heading: Is specialty out of fashion?


Co-author: Thorsten Leupold

Presentation Time

Breakout I: Market trends and business strategy

Thursday, 12 September 2019, 15:00 - 15:30

FEICA Conference