Michel Ravers

R&D PSA Specialist, MS Polymer Department – Performance Polymers Solutions Vehicle


Personal Biography

Michel Ravers holds a bachelor degree in Industrial Chemistry and has been active in the pressure sensitive adhesive industry since 1990. At Avery Dennison Performance Tape Division he worked in several roles within the Research Department, starting as technician-rheology in the lab and moved to product development (’97) for automotive related tapes (‘01) tape development and optimisation for the hygiene market (’06) trained and executing lean and cost out programmes as lean sigma black belt (’09) base adhesive development Industrial (‘12) senior development engineer Automotive tapes (’14) Technical Service Eng. Industrial (’16) moved to Kaneka as R&D PSA Specialist.

Presentation Abstract

Modification of acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives with Silane Terminated Polyethers

Kaneka’s MS Polymer has proven its quality and versatile application area over more than 20years in the adhesive & sealant market. However, to use it as the backbone polymer in PSA formulations, its moisture-curing step requires specific adaptations compared to a ‘normal’ PSA coating process (solvent, hotmelt or UV curable). But using them as an additive is pretty straightforward and easy in traditional PSA formulations (cf. acrylics, rubber,..). Thanks to the wide range of MS Polymer™ types going from low to relatively highmolecular weight, various levels of functionality and branching one can move properties in different directions depending on the selected type (or combinations).

Studies have been done on various acrylic PSA adhesives modified with different MS Polymer grades in different concentrations to quantify the performance shift and highlight the possibilities of MS PolymerTM.

Presentation Time

Breakout VI: Moisture-curable hybrid systems with enhanced properties

Thursday, 13 September 2018, 17:00 - 17:30

FEICA Conference