Vitaly Rogachevsky

Vice President, C5 Monomers and Polymers

Argus Media, Inc.

Personal Biography

Vitaly Rogachevsky is a Vice President at Argus Media Inc., responsible for consulting regarding C5 monomers, polymers and tackifying resins. He is also in charge of publishing a monthly Argus C5 and Hydrocarbon Resin newsletter and annual. Prior to joining Argus Media in 2015, Vitaly worked for 27 years at H.B. Fuller Company, mostly in St. Paul, MN. During his tenure at H.B. Fuller, he spent time in R&D, but primarily in Strategic Global Sourcing, responsible for procuring raw materials for hot melt adhesives. Vitaly graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Chemistry and currently resides in Houston, TX.

Presentation Abstract

C5 Balancing Act

This presentation will cover latest trends and developments in the C5 supply chain. It will explain how we got from severe shortages of piperylene, DCPD and isoprene just a few years ago to gross oversupply today. The presentation will also cover factors which drive recovery and use of the C5 monomers and polymers. In conclusion, we will endeavour to outline what current events spell for the immediate and future outlook for supply and price trends of C5 monomers and polymers.

Presentation Time

Breakout X: Supply chain developments

Friday, 14 September 2018, 11:30 - 12:00

FEICA Conference