Alessandro Visconti

Division Manager Pine Chemicals & Polymer Additives

Petrofer AG

Personal Biography

Alessandro Visconti, born July 26th, 1965, Italian citizen, raised in Switzerland, living in Bottmingen nearby Basel, 3 children (boys) aged 11, 14 and 16.

Alessandro ended his studies with a commercial school degree and graduated in economics. His professional experience found its start in sales and marketing within a wholesale trading company of the paper industry. In 1996 he took over responsibility for development and marketing of one of the global leader of specialty coating papers for the luxury packaging industry before he decided to gain management experience for the launch of two new-economy start-ups within the medical technology field in late 2000.

In order to pursue his professional passion, in 2008 he joined the “resina” pine chemicals business of Petrofer AG (a family-owned company, internationally active in pine chemicals since 1960) as Head of the Pine Chemicals and Polymer Additives division, headquartered nearby Basel, Switzerland.

Petrofer AG has its own gum rosin distillation facility in Guangxi province as well as a sales and marketing subsidiary in Guangzhou, China. Exclusive co-operation and joint ventures with leading players from the main gum rosin producing territories is complementing the pine chemicals business activities. A few years ago Petrofer AG made another step of backward integration, acquiring and managing own forests in China. Currently Petrofer already owns approx. 1000 hectares of pine forests and the expansion continues to progress. Soon, Petrofer will harvest the first quantities of crude gum from its own controlled forests.

Presentation Abstract

Gum rosin, tall oil rosin and hydrocarbon resin: Complementary or competing raw-materials?

Why the question of the titled topic is so important? Gum rosin, tall oil rosin and hydrocarbon resin are three essential raw materials which are used world-wide by the chemical industry for a big number of applications. Therefore this question is debated by producers as well as by consumers. Both sides – supply and demand – have a vital interest on long-term availability of good quality products at low cost and assuring a sufficient margin for all participants.

The analysis shall show where future opportunities and threats may occur, as all rosin types are complementary and competing raw materials at the same time.

Presentation Time

Breakout XII: Additives and Resins

Friday, 15 September 2017, 11:00 - 11:30

FEICA Conference