Tom Voskes

Founding and Managing Partner


Personal Biography

As one of the founding partners of SparkOptimus, Tom has an unrivalled track record in helping clients with his international thought leadership on changing business structures. He has a close working relationship with numerous CEO’s and MD’s among e-commerce pure players, in retail & consumer goods, and in B2B businesses across Europe (UK, The Netherlands, Nordic) and the US. Tom also works frequently with private equity firms, because of their keen interest in value creation and growth trends. Tom started his career at Procter & Gamble in various line management positions, before working at McKinsey & Company as a strategy consultant in Amsterdam and Boston. Before SparkOptimus, he was responsible for marketing at KKR owned company Maxeda, the largest non-food retailer in The Netherlands. Tom’s ‛expertise lies in digital strategy, changing value chain dynamics, organisation structure, and digital operational excellence.

Presentation Abstract

Make Disruption Work

Digital disruption - everybody’s talking about it. It’s going to be the end of jobs, society and human interaction. It’s going to solve all our problems and wake us up with the perfect espresso.

It may not quite do either, but what is certain is that we have entered a new era of technology-driven disruption, and it will continue impacting every sector and industry on earth, creating new ways for companies to serve customers better, faster and cheaper than ever before. For businesses, the water is heating up, and if you don't want to get boiled, you’ll need to craft a winning strategy. But how? You don’t have to be a geek-chic millennial, but you do need some new knowledge, and the practical blueprints for its application.

Presentation Time

Business Forum

Thursday, 13 September 2018, 11:20 - 11:55

FEICA Conference