Transfers to Forte Village

Visitors arriving at Sardinia’s Cagliari Airport can experience long waiting times for taxis in the high season. In addition, the standard fare for a one-way trip to Forte Village is approximately €120.

Therefore, to make the journey more pleasant and less expensive, FEICA has organised a transfer service through a local company for the approximately 40km trip from Cagliari Airport to Forte Village, and back.


Shared transport

Transport will be arranged depending on the number of people arriving at a similar time. At the Airport, passengers will be welcomed by our hostesses and will be guided to the vehicles. A similar hostess service has been arranged at the Forte Village for departures. You will be allocated to a bus, a minibus or a car as follows:

Bus (the maximum waiting time will be 40 minutes, which is usually the time needed to fill a bus)

  • € 30,00 per person for a one-way journey.


  • € 40,00 per person for a one-way journey.

Car (shared)

  • € 40,00 per person for a one-way journey.

All rates include VAT.


Individual Transfer

Should you wish to book an individual vehicle, please indicate this on the Transfer Form (see below).

Minibus (up to 6/8 passengers)

  • € 145,00 per vehicle for a one-way journey.

Car (up to 3 passengers)

  • € 95,00 per vehicle for a one-way journey.

All rates include VAT.




  • The local agency will handle the coordination of people to share buses, minibuses and cars. Transfers will be organized according to the arrival and departure times and number of passengers sharing a vehicle.
  • The transfer costs will be charged on your hotel room bill and are payable at departure in Forte Village.




For any changes or new transfers bookings please contact the F.A. Travel office at the Forte Village reception.

Phone number: +39 070 921 247






For any additional information, please contact:

FEICA Conference Secretariat
+ 49 (0) 2102 66 936
+49 (0) 2102 96 48 29

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