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Hot melt adhesives based on ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and ethylene butyl  acrylate can be used in several applications in packaging, woodworking, bookbinding,  etc. Repsol has developed new grades for the hot melt adhesives applications in a constant effort to adapt its products to its customers’ needs.

Some limitations are observed in the hot melts formulations containing EVA grades in terms of thermal stability. For that reason, new Repsol Primeva® EVA grades have been designed with low viscosity and high thermal stability, reducing the colouring of the adhesive due to the thermal aging and the maintenance stops during the production of the hot melt adhesives.

Also, the new grade Repsol Ebantix® E33150 has been developed to obtain adhesive formulations with high adhesion to  difficult substrates and a wide range of service temperatures, with a special good performance at  the low temperature range.

As a leader in food contact applications, all new Repsol Primeva® and Repsol Ebantix® grades have been designed to minimize the content of substances with specific migration limit and low residual vinyl acetate.



I. Gregorio, M. Gómez

FEICA Conference