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End-consumers frequently ask for safer and/or more environmentally-friendly products. For example, safety concerns in the food industry regarding Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS) in food packaging or increased end-consumer concerns about pre-usage odor of absorbent hygiene products. Due to these concerns, various markets are requiring hot melt adhesives (HMA) to be less odorous and low in volatile organic compounds (VOC). HMA formulators look to their suppliers to provide innovative raw materials to reduce odor and VOC in HMA formulations.

In response, Eastman has developed a portfolio of low odor and low VOC tackifier resins and polymers for HMA.  This portfolio offers innovative solutions to formulators to enable them to meet market needs.  Through the collaborative efforts between sales, marketing, regulatory, analytical, technical, and engineering teams, a range of new products have been developed and proven their performance in both internal and external tests.  In our presentation, we will cover the innovation process, and the outcome for the adhesive industry.



Bing Yuan, Eva Lacasa, Jan Lorier, Vincent Zhang, Stephan Klotzbach, Bill Cheng and Michaela Hofbauer

FEICA Conference