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Gloss lamination or graphic art adhesives are widely used as alternative to co-extrusion process in the manufacture of multilayer substrates made of flexible films and printed papers. Multilayer materials aim at combining a set of performances that could not be obtained by any individual components used alone: mechanical properties, glossy or matt appearance, esthetic effect, barrier functionality, abrasion and weather resistance. Book covers, calendars, shopping bags and luxurious carton boxes for wine, cosmetic, medicine, food, toy and gift producers are daily obliged to follow the latest trend.

Consequently packaging converters are asked to face the new difficult-to-glue materials as well as to replace the traditional solvent, high VOC and SVHC based products with water based adhesives.

This paper introduces a new acrylic latex suitable to formulate water based APEO and formaldehyde free adhesives for film printing lamination stable on one side to the addition of aliphatic isocyanates (embossing process) and on the other side with a potential intended use in food contact materials.



Fabio Abbà, Elisa Bottaro, Marco Cerra, Tito Zanetta

FEICA Conference