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Polybutene-1 (PB-1) polymers are semi-crystalline isotactic thermoplastic polyolefins. The introduction of a new metallocene catalyst in the polymerization of PB-1 has opened opportunities for LyondellBasell to further develop its potential product offering in the field of Hot Melt Adhesives (HMA), launching new grades with low density and a wide range of melt viscosities. The use of PB-1 as a cohesive component enables formulations that can achieve a highly enhanced set of properties, where the typical advantages of polyolefins like pot life, increased mileage and thermal stability are complemented with the unique features of PB-1, namely high bond strength (shear and tear) and long open time.

The presentation will first show the potential benefits associated with using mPB-1 for HMA in the target applications and how the HMA’s performance changes in function of the polymer properties at a constant polymer viscosity. Finally the presentation will describe the effects of the formula composition on the HMA’s performance, while keeping the properties of mPB-1 constant.

FEICA Conference