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Metallocene polyolefins (mPO) are used in a variety of adhesive applications due to their unique characteristics, supply security, and enhanced performance. However, these materials also have their limitations in a combination with certain raw materials.

Most of the tackifying resins have good compatibility with the traditional polymers that have been used for decades. Such polymers are relatively polar which makes them work well with a wide range of raw materials. Metallocene polyolefins are non-polar structures and this property has an impact on compatibility. Therefore, the choice of resins is limited.

Mineral oil is an essential part of typical hot melt formulations. They have excellent compatibility with mPOs and with a wide variety of resins. Therefore, they can be used as a compatibilizer in case there is a compatibility issue between the resin and the polymer.

Based on this unique property the current study shows how mineral oils can help to improve the compatibility between mPOs and rosin resins and presents the performance of the formulations.

FEICA Conference