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Within the last decades the adhesives industry has developed very well in an overall positive environment of its major applications. Changes in the industry had an evolutionary character. However, this might change in the future. Driven by global megatrends several customer industries of adhesives are facing radical changes.

Firstly, the automotive industry prepares with huge investments for the electro mobility and autonomous cars – pushed by new competitors from the Silicon Valley. Secondly, the Internet of Things (Industry 4.0) significantly changes how goods are produced and how business is made. Furthermore, additive manufacturing / 3D-printing techniques are increasingly used in production processes. This opens up new opportunities for the adhesives industry but also brings many uncertainties. Finally, sustainability is becoming of greater importance in many value chains due to an increase in environmental regulations and a shift of customer’s demand towards more sustainable products.

These megatrends are expected to significantly impact the adhesives industry. The presentation discusses the influence of these megatrends on the requirements of future adhesives and outlines potential innovation areas for the adhesives industry to create the next level adhesives.

FEICA Conference