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In October 2016 German REACH competent authority BAuA published a restriction proposal concerning diisocyanates, providing detailed guidance to further improve the practice of safe handling of diisocyanates in industrial and professional uses.

Diisocyanate products and formulations made thereof will still remain available on the EU market, since they can be handled safely according to their MSDS.

Due to their unique performance polyurethane adhesives and sealants have gained a high significance in the global adhesive and sealants market. A majority of these formulations contain monomeric diisocyanates and in the recent years there has been a lot of research done to reduce this monomeric content of polyurethane adhesive and sealants.

This presentation will provide a short overview on the current status of the use restriction for diisocyanates and highlight how modern polyurethane raw materials can contribute to adhesive and sealant formulations with a reduced or eliminated content of diisocyanate monomers.



Dr Martin Melchiors

FEICA Conference