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Conforma™ adhesive is a new unique stretchable adhesive that creates disposable undergarments that stretch with ease. This adhesive can be used to create a conformable fabric, which is a soft, ultrathin and breathable alternative to the film-based laminate or elastic stranded panel. Conformable fabric is comprised of an extensible nonwoven and Conforma stretchable adhesive technology. The innovative conformable fabric is different from today’s stretchable panels. It is not meant to be stretched in line as it is incorporated into the hygienic article. Instead, it is incorporated in a relaxed state. Conforma adhesive opens up new design possibilities by removing the constraints of the traditional stretch engines, creating for a much simpler manufacturing process for an all-over stretchable product. Plus, with the proper attention to design and manufacturing process, it aims to replicate the look, feel and overall comfort of cotton underwear. Hysteresis curves, comparing the performance of one example of a conformable fabric to both a product with a film-based laminate construction and a product with an elastic stranded panel, as well as cotton underwear, show that conformable fabric is the most like cotton underwear of the traditional stretch engine options currently on the market.

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