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This presentation will provide background to the European Commission’s Roadmap for establishing a circular economy in Europe and to FEICA’s respective position, to support stakeholders’ future activities in the adhesive and sealant sector of Europe towards to circularity.

Working with its members, FEICA has prepared a position paper for the adhesive and sealant sector.

This presentation is focusing on key aspects of the position paper, setting out FEICA’s views on the circular economy and discussing how this integrates with our Sustainable Development Agenda. It explains the need to work across value chains on eco-design principles and at the same time the need to innovate for supporting end of life solutions and for increase in recycle for some sub-sectors.

We are also demonstrating how our materials contribute to the circular economy by eliminating waste, facilitating repair, reducing weight and saving energy.  Finally we discuss based on the position paper  that circularity is a journey and an opportunity driver as well. Consequently, we will present FEICA’s outline action plan to enable circularity and support societal change.

A new FEICA video will be shown that highlights the importance of adhesives and sealants to our 21st century world.

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