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Market interactions in the adhesives & sealants industry, at each level of the value chain, have become digital. All studies converge in showing that the initial contact with a customer, future or existing, is now initiated by the customer himself, when he or she needs it, and this contact is overwhelmingly digital (80%). This includes interactions via new digital channels that did not even exist ten years ago.

Therefore, digitalising a company’s sales, marketing and even R&D processes has become a priority to stay in business for many companies. But the organisational changes required are far deeper than adopting new software. Learn the practical strategies that successful companies are implementing today and what organisational structures are working the best. This presentation will explain:

  • Why you need to digitalise sales, marketing, and even R&D
  • Where companies are today in their digital maturity
  • What the best digital practices are regarding innovation, business development, and customer relationships
  • How to adapt your organisational structure with the right roles and expertise to succeed.
FEICA Conference