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Mineral oils such as saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH) are materials available to hotmelt label formulators. Moreover, MOSH oils are widely used in hotmelt label formulae. The EU, however, has recommended monitoring of MOSH and MOAH in materials and articles that come into contact with food. Additionally, the German Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Consumer Protection, is drafting an ordinance banning the use of mineral oil in printing inks for food packaging. In light of this trend, food label adhesives cannot be far behind. Thus, it would be beneficial to formulate label adhesives without the use of MOSH or MOAH materials. TSRC/Dexco has developed novel SIS polymers that will help the hot melt adhesive formulator meet these upcoming challenges. These new polymers will allow the formulator to remove MOSH and MOAH materials from their PSA’s. This paper will discuss the structure – property relationships of these novel polymers; provide formulation methodology; and provide numerous example formulae.


Co-authors: Mark Berard, Ph.D. Karen Oelschlaeger, & Robert Gibson

FEICA Conference