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Organotin-based catalysts are still among the most common solutions to catalyse the crosslinking of polyurethane and silane-terminated adhesives and sealants. Nevertheless, their toxicological profile is constantly under discussion and particularly Dibutyltin (DBT) compounds such as DBTL are known for their mutagenic and reprotoxic characteristics.

The presentation will give an overview on lower toxic alternatives such as dioctyltin (DOT) compounds or tin-free catalysts in order to support the user in improving the ecological and toxicological profile of their final product. Besides an exemplary performance comparison on some basic adhesives system (PU and SMP), the latest status on toxicology, classification and regulatory will be addressed. Finally, the sustainability of such a catalytic approach with respect to the adhesives and sealants industry will be discussed.


Co-author: Dr Frank Lehmann

FEICA Conference