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Silylated polyurethane prepolymers are the next generation of polyurethane technology. Their use is growing rapidly in the global adhesives, sealants and coatings segments due to their advantages in regulatory compliance and ease of application due to their non-isocyanate curing mechanism. Additionally, silylated polyurethane prepolymers offer excellent adhesion (built-in silane bonding), paintability and re-workability.

SPUR+* technology was pioneering in the field of silylated polyurethane technology, and Momentive continues to push the boundaries of innovation today. This presentation will briefly describe some of the new developments built upon the SPUR+* and Silquest* Silanes technology platform. Specifically, we will discuss developments in ultra-low modulus sealants for construction applications. These developments include combining new prepolymer and amino-functional adhesion promoter technology to target high elongation while maintaining an excellent adhesion profile.


Co-authors: Misty Huang, Frank-Reiner Zillmer

FEICA Conference