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In a booming construction industry, the need for solutions that provide higher productivity are obvious. Due to their high curing speed, even at low temperatures, 2C polyurea-based sealants and polyurea / polyurethane hybrids are the materials of choice when high productivity systems are needed. They enable fast return to service and an extended working season in the construction industry. Due to their unique combination of performance properties, aliphatic polyurea sealants with light stability, mechanical properties and long pot life are especially favoured. The aliphatic polyurea sealants are based on aliphatic polyisocyanates and polyaspartic amines. This lecture will provide an overview on polyaspartic sealants, optimised formulations and results for formulations with a new polyaspartic amine. In addition, further potential use of such systems in the adhesive and sealants industry will be discussed.


Co-author: Dr Jay Johnston (Covestro LLC)

FEICA Conference