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The performance attributes and formulation flexibility of hybrid resins has led to their development for multiple applications as a component in adhesive, sealant and coating compositions. Their design gives these materials the positive attributes of their constituents while minimising the individual weaknesses of the resins from which they are derived. Composite materials made from hybrid resins benefit from the many advantages provided by conventional chemistry without the limitations imparted by legal restrictions, safety concerns and moisture sensitivity encountered in typical formulations. There has been a greater interest in adopting this relatively new class of resins in a variety of different applications. It has been the challenge of additive suppliers to develop solutions to enhance their performance in a variety of functions. We will demonstrate how Cabot’s commercial products and prototype materials improve the function of hybrid resins in different applications. Here we will show how Cabot’s speciality materials particles can impart improved viscosity, appearance and other critical properties to adhesives and sealants.


Co-authors: Olha Mashtalir, Sean Sullivan, Virginie Yquel, Persefoni Kechagia, Angelica Sanchez

FEICA Conference