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Diols derived from cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) have unique characteristics. Hydrophobicity is one key benefit provided by the long aliphatic side chain present in CNSL. This hydrophobicity reduces moisture sensitivity during curing with isocyanates and provides outstanding hydrolytic stability upon exposure to aqueous solutions. Different from other bio-based diols obtained from soy and castor oil, CNSL based diols also have an aromatic structure that contributes to excellent chemical and thermal resistance. The combination of aromaticity and long aliphatic chain from the diols delivers excellent hydrolytic stability, balanced mechanical properties and improved compatibility with other diols.

CNSL based products offer high bio-content and they have demonstrated reduced burden on the environment due to CO2 sequestered by the cashew tree. Life cycle analysis of selected CNSL products including Cardanols were conducted by certified third party and its findings will be discussed in this paper.


Co-authors: Dr Yun Mi Kim, Dr Pietro Campaner

FEICA Conference