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The Munich-based WACKER chemical company is the world’s first manufacturer capable of using renewable resources to produce commercial quantities not only of dispersions based on vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer (VAE), but also of further products based on vinyl acetate. To achieve this, the company uses acetic acid generated as a by-product in the woodworking industry. The wood originates from sustainably managed forests that are PEFC® certified. TÜV SÜD, the international technical inspectorate and certification body, has certified WACKER’s biomass balance method as meeting its international CMS 71 standard. Independent certification assures customers that WACKER has replaced the required quantities of fossil resources with an equivalent amount of renewables for its biomass-balanced products right at the start of production. The bio-based acetic acid meets WACKER’s quality standards and is characterised by very high purity, very good colour compatibility and very low water content. As a result, the bio-acetic acid’s chemical and physical behaviour is identical to that of conventional, fossil acetic acid. What’s more, mixing both types of acetic acid does not affect the end-product’s properties. WACKER markets this innovative product class under its new VINNECO® line, encompassing all its polymer products based on renewables.

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