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For Electrolux, the Circular Economy started at the beginning of the 1990s, but we still have some way to go.

The notion of a circular economy has risen several times since the beginning of the 1970s, though under different names each time. Electrolux jumped on the wagon in the 1990s together with The Natural Step and identified a number of the key elements including product as a service, refurbishment, design for recycling and use of recycled materials. But now the whole movement is so much stronger than it has been before. Will we now see some fundamental change in the way we produce and consume? What we certainly see is that awareness about environmental issues is at its highest ever and that the environmental challenges have gone more and more from local to becoming truly global such as climate change, plastic pollution and the extinction of species. With these increased threats and a heightened awareness we see that companies, and by that their suppliers, are expected to deliver more radical action. Electrolux is looking to step up efforts to reduce climate impacts, reduce impacts from resource consumption and offer solutions that goes beyond mere product selling.

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