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Imagine if organisations could earn and keep consumer loyalty, not because they asked to be trusted, but because they could prove they delivered on promises. Quality, reliability, authenticity and product safety could be better assured. Supply chain partners could know for certain if an ordered item were on its way. An always-up-to-date performance history of a supply chain partner would be the basis for reputation. As each member in a retail network became instantaneously accountable, blockchain would enable entirely new ways to create value.

The objective of this session is to introduce blockchain to the wider audience and explain how this technology already brings practical business benefits across six supply chain and manufacturing areas: product safety and authenticity, supply chain optimisation, finance, operational processes, promotional strategy management, and customer engagement. We will then analyse the potential and realised business benefits specific to the adhesive and sealant industry, such as time and cost savings or risk reduction, as well as opportunities arising from the creation of new business models or the disruption of the industry.

FEICA Conference