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In automotive vehicles, elastomeric adhesives and sealants contribute strongly to the overall vehicle construction and performance. They provide a safe method to join firmly metal surfaces while exhibiting flexibility to withstand temperature changes or vibrations. In addition, the production of innovative solutions is continuously increasing because the development of these materials can help achieve the future mobility and transportation benefits: emissions and noise reduction, performance and safety improvement, lightweighting, interior air quality, greater comfort and lower costs.

Kuraray Liquid Rubber is a synthetic rubber based on isoprene, butadiene, and styrene as the polymer backbone and partially functionalised at the side chains to improve the adhesion to polar phases. They show molecular weights ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 g/mol with narrow molecular weight distributions and can be cured with various systems. We will present the advantages and disadvantages of the crosslinking of rubber-based compositions for each system, as well as their potential applications within the industry in terms of adhesion, toughening and damping performance.


Co-author: Marcel Gruendken

FEICA Conference