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In moisture-cured polyurethane adhesives, carbon dioxide (CO2) is generated during curing, which leads to bubble formation that lowers the mechanical properties of the cured adhesives. With tailored properties, CIERRA®, a novel functional materials platform created via collaboration between Siam Cement Group (SCG, Thailand) and the University of Oxford (United Kingdom), can be used as a CO2 scavenger to eliminate undesired bubbles. With a layered structure of double oxide chemistry, CIERRA® allows the adsorption of carbon dioxide to its layer structure under ambient conditions to yield its hydroxide form. With our capability to customise surface area, the product hence provides excellent adsorption performance in both adsorption rate and capacity when used in PU formulation. Our test results show three times higher CO2 adsorption using CIERRA® compared to an existing solution of carbon black. In formulations, bubbles are significantly reduced with the addition of CIERRA®, hence improving the final properties such as mechanical performance and electrical conductivity. From these promising results and collaboration with our customers, we suggest that CIERRA® may be considered as a new potential material platform answering needs in the adhesive market such as CO2 capture.

The CIERRA® platform is based on modification technology to customise chemical composition, porosity, and the surface of the materials. This offers multiple benefits to applications in adhesives as an additive to enhance performance of adhesive formulations such as flame-retardant and barrier properties.

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