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Mattress assembly applications require bonding of complex materials and layers on fast, automated production lines. However, there are growing safety concerns about mattress production and end-use with regards to volatile organic compounds (VOC). The new isotactic semi-crystalline polybutene-1 polymers for hot melt adhesives are not only able to offer the appropriate viscosity, excellent initial tack and longer open times, but also ensure very low VOC, thanks to their metallocene catalyst technology. This technology allows the synthesis of PB-1 polymers with a very narrow molecular weight distribution and a minimum amount of low molecular weight species, as confirmed through evaluations according to the VDA277 and VDA278 protocols.

PB-1 grades are available in a broad crystallinity range, offering the desired flexibility and showing low organic emission levels. This key characteristic of PB-1 opens up new opportunities for hot melt adhesives beyond general assembly applications, such as in the hygiene segment.


Co-author: Dr Ines Mingozzi

FEICA Conference