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Dr. Elisa Arikan is a material scientist with an aerospace engineering background. She is head of “Surface Technology and Surface Analysis” at the Bundeswehr research Institute for Materials, Fuels and Lubricants (WIWeB) in Erding, Germany.

In May 2014 she finished her study of aerospace engineering with focus on thermodynamics and aircraft construction and lightweight design at the University of Stuttgart (Germany). Dr. Arikan started her career at the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, Project Group Functional Lightweight Design, in Augsburg, Germany. In May 2016 she started as a university research assistant and PhD student at the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the “Universität der Bundeswehr München” in a close cooperation with WIWeB. Beside her support in teaching at the university, her research was dealing on the structural adhesive bonding of high-performance fiber-reinforced composites with a thermoplastic matrix for aerospace applications. Dr. Arikan has published and presented her research results through several peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals as well as through conference contributions in the international scientific community. One conference paper was awarded the “Distinguished Paper Award” of the Adhesion Society in the USA.

In 2020, she was also awarded the prestigious EURADH & FEICA “Adhesion Innovation Award” for an innovative contribution to adhesion science. In April 2020, Dr. Arikan took over her current position as head of branch “Surface Technology and Surface Analysis” at WIWeB.

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