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Molecular Plasma Group’s unique MolecularGRIPTM technology uses cold atmospheric plasma as a vector to covalently bond a wide range of organic chemistries onto any kind of substrate, thus generating a permanent nanocoating. By doing this, we can functionalize the surface in various ways, one of which is the significant improvement of the adhesive properties of former inert or sensitive materials by grafting reactive chemical groups such as amines, epoxies, acrylics, hydroxyls, isocyanates, etc. MolecularGRIPTM works in a single-step, solvent-free and dry process at room temperature and atmospheric pressure and also allows the treatment of temperature-sensitive substrates such as cellulose-based materials and ultra-thin films. Since the chemistry is covalently bonded to the surface, the technology offers significant operational advantages in terms of open time. It can replace conventional solvent-based primers by a very eco-friendly process while realizing even better adhesion and it goes far beyond the possibilities of a standard plasma surface activation technology. The industrial plasma systems are scalable, fully automated and fully traceable, enabling also the in-line inspection and quality control of the generated layer through the simultaneous deposition of tracer molecules.

FEICA Conference