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The EU Green Deal is pushing forward a substantial amount of legislation and roadmap initiatives which impact the adhesive industry and the markets we serve in a multitude ways. For future consumer goods packaging, this has numerous implications: brands and retailers are already making significant changes when it comes to their packaging choices. In this presentation, we will share approaches on how to thoughtfully use adhesives in the design and production of sustainable consumer goods packaging in the current constrained supply environment. These examples represent what H.B. Fuller can offer today to help manufacturers meet their own sustainability goals, where we are going, and how we will get there. We will highlight areas for collaboration, which will support the evolution to the next generation of products and emphasize opportunities where H.B. Fuller can better support sustainability and the circular economy. The presentation will conclude with a call to action to the supply chain network on how they can contribute to the A&S industry sustainable future.


Co-authors: Elizabeth Staab

FEICA Conference