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Bio-based and renewable materials play an increasing role in the development of sustainable systems needed to meet the growing demand for Green solutions in the adhesive industry. LANXESS has developed a line of high performance, bio-based, low free diisocyanate monomer (LF) products for polyurethane hot melt adhesive applications that also carry low health and safety risks. Bio-based LF technology can offer prepolymers with excellent performance, superior processing and productivity, as well as environmental, health and safety advantages when compared to many traditional technologies.

Bio-based LF MDI prepolymers focus on chemical building blocks that are clearly defined to match today’s adhesive properties. By exploring additional chemistries and optimization of molecular weight and crystalline and amorphous structures, bio-based LF prepolymers can be tailored to the specific needs of many different applications. Progress has been made developing bio-based LF MDI prepolymers over a wide range of chemistries which yield systems with lower viscosity at application temperature, improved high crystallinity, better wetting ability, and fast green strength in reactive hot melt adhesives formulations.

LANXESS’ novel LF bio-based innovations provide excellent performance, processing, and productivity and can enable companies to reduce CO2 emissions while helping to advance climate neutral goals.

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