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Adhesives should fulfill many requirements beside just bonding. This includes economic aspects e.g. increased production rate of bonded parts. An important aspect is quick curing in combination with long shelf life. Especially for thermal curing within seconds the adhesive must be adopted in a way that the cured material has sufficient mechanical properties and the curing process must be controlled which is also related to adhesives chemistry. Ecologic aspects include the utilization of renewable raw materials and modified compounds based on natural feedstock. But also the integration of carbon dioxide is a potential way to improve the ecologic impact. In addition bonded products should be recyclable on a level as high as possible. This requires neglectable influence of adhesives remains on the recycling of the bonded materials and often also debonding on demand without reduction of product safety. These bullet points show that there are many challenges left for improved futures adhesives. In the presentation these aspects will be illustrated guided by examples already on the way.

FEICA Conference