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Looking at the latest developments in mixing technology and how these have improved the efficiency and reduced the energy required to carryout the mixing process.

The presentation will aim to show the current mixing options available to manufactures of systems with solids in suspension.  The presenter will explain the advantages of new technology in terms of the process time and the consumption of power used in the process to reach the target quality.

Looking at the fundamentals of the design of a mixer and breaking the mixing process down to it’s sub-processes.

Taking the currently employed traditional multi-shaft mixing technology and modern technology through each of the sub-processes to explain the reason for reduced energy use.

Comparing the principles of high shear mixing with the hydro cyclone low shear devices, looking at the pros and cons for each method.

Looking at the overall manufacturing process and how the mixing step can benefit from process design and consideration during formulation development.

Examples of recent installations that demonstrate the focus of the presentation, of reduced overall energy consumption per kg of product manufactured.

FEICA Conference