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Recent innovations by Shell have led to the introduction of new GTL wax products to their product portfolio. This study investigates the performance of these novel waxes in Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA) formulations with a metallocene-type base polymer. The results show clear advantages for new GTL waxes compared to currently available options, offer wide range of open and setting time, high heat resistance, high thermal stability and high adhesion strength. On top of these new waxes, Shell offers the adhesives and sealants industry the opportunity to have a significant impact on your footprint today, by compensating unavoidable CO2 emissions from investing in Nature-based Solutions (NBS). NBS; which comprise all activities related to the protection, or re-development, of natural ecosystems – such as forests, grasslands, wetlands and blue carbon – to lower concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere; offers immediate, scalable and cost-effective pathways to significant net emission reductions, which are necessary for society to achieve the Paris Agreement on climate change.

FEICA Conference