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Amorphous Polyolefin (APO) based hotmelt adhesives (HMAs) have been used in Automotive Interior applications particularly for below the belt application to bond low surface energy (LSE) substrates. APO based HMAs are not commonly used for above the belt applications (such as door panel, part of instrument panel) because of high heat resistance requirements.

Synthomer Adhesive Technologies has developed a new high heat resistant APO.  This polymer provides high tensile strength and elongation that enables improved peel strength at higher temperatures, dead load test, and thermal creep resistance of non-reactive hotmelt adhesives.

This new APO will give formulators an additional tool to design non-reactive HMAs with superior heat resistance that could enable automotive suppliers to improve their manufacturing process and production speed compared to reactive systems.


Co-authors: Nadjet Suedmeyer, Antonius Wibowo

FEICA Conference