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High initial and final strength, as well as long open times make solvent borne polychloroprene based contact adhesives indispensable in many applications, in industry and for end-users. The solvent enables a convenient handling of the adhesive with short waiting times before joining, long open times and easy application.

However, the solvents are also the reason why this class of adhesives is under discussion since some years. The solvents determine the hazard potential of the adhesive, often triggering classification of the adhesive as a hazard to health or the environment. Additionally conventional solvents are based on crude oil, thus having a negative impact on the sustainability of the adhesive.

This presentation will show how to formulate polychloroprene based adhesives with bio-based solvents to offer more sustainable solutions. In addition, the use of safer solvents for this class of adhesives will be addressed, allowing the formulator to create solvent based contact adhesives without hazards to health or the environment.


Co-authors: Dr. Rainer Kalkofen

FEICA Conference