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Polyurethane and epoxy adhesives are used in high-performance application such as automotive and electronics. Our Priplast biobased polyols bring excellent adhesion, durability and moisture protection to polyurethanes, ranging from soft to high-strength with lasting (low temperature) flexibility. They are made from natural oils and have a low to zero carbon footprint. The hydrocarbon character imparts water resistance and affinity for a wide variety of substrates. On top of that, the obtained low electrical conductivity is valuable in electronics. For epoxy adhesives, biobased Priamine aliphatic diamine brings good flow and moisture resistance. It reduces brittleness that is typical for epoxies, to prevent failure by ageing or shock.

Our Smart Materials business has set challenging targets to contribute to Climate, Nature and People. We will demonstrate how sustainability is improved by reducing the carbon footprint of adhesives and enabling carbon saving in-use. Allowing lightweight design in automotive and durable solutions for encapsulation. Furthermore, we develop and collaborate for new formulations to be safe and sustainable by design and increase value chain collaboration for circular design and improved recycling. New technologies include reversible bonding and single polymer design. On top of a high performance, we contribute to enable a sustainable future.

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