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The surfaces on which we constantly move, walk on or drive on with a vehicle have been paved for centuries. Different materials are used for this purpose – concrete, asphalt, natural stone, etc. The larger the surfaces are paved, the more comfortable they are to walk on and the faster they can be rolled over, the more attention must be paid to the weathering of these surfaces. This means that the surfaces are exposed to the annually changing weather and thus also to a constant change in temperature. As a result, the surface itself begins to work – it wants to expand or contract. If this situation is not taken into account, damage to the surfaces is unavoidable (e.g. blow-ups on motorways).

In the presentation, this complex situation will be explained and the production of movement joints with appropriate sealants will be shown. Paths, roads, squares and motorways will be considered, in solid bonded construction.

The presentation is based on the new guideline on this subject, which is also available in English:

“Elastic sealants in the floor area – Part 1: External”, Information Script of Deutsche Bauchemie, 1st Edition 10/2021.

FEICA Conference