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Moisture is a key topic for adhesive & sealant formulators in moisture-curing systems. Fillers, and most often calcium carbonates (CaCO3) can be a principal contributor of water in a 1-component sealant. Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) is added to modify their rheological behavior and will significantly improve their bond strength. However, due to the inherent moisture found in PCCs, sealant producers either employ an extra drying step or add a moisture scavenger, such as VTMO, at levels typically above 2%.

Imerys has recently developed a new ultrafine PCC (UF PCC) with a very low and constant moisture content. Without the need for drying, its use improves the storage stability of the final product whilst allowing a reduction in the moisture scavenger to < 1%. In this paper we describe the development and use of this novel PCC in a moisture sensitive sealant and demonstrate its effectiveness in reducing energy consumption and/or chemical addition.

FEICA Conference