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Starting her studies of Chemistry in 1987 in Leipzig (Germany), Annett Linemann received her Doctor´s degree in Chemistry in 1995 from the Technical University of Berlin (Germany). Some relevant positions she has held in her more than 25-year professional career are the following. She served as Co-polyamide-based Hotmelt Adhesives Formulator at Arkema (France), where she started in 2001 and became the Technology Leader. Afterwards in 2008 she engaged with Hyundai Motor Company as Polymer Material Specialist. When she joined H.B. Fuller in 2012, she was dealing with Polyurethane-Based Reactive Hotmelts formulation and process improvements. In 2017 she took on the role as R&D Director for the EIMEA Region, a role in which she oversaw the Innovation activities in all adhesives technologies and applications in the region. When in 2020 H.B. Fuller´s new organization in 3 Global Business Units was implemented, she took on the strategic role of a Director for Technology Outlook and Sustainable Product Development in the field of Engineering Adhesives.

Annett has had a distinguished scientific career that reaches from investigating natural polysaccharides to material research for lightweight vehicles and a multitude of adhesive developments, from which several patents arose. In her current role, Annett actively seeks and pursues new technology trends and external innovation opportunities, identifying what could be the next break-through technology for Engineering Adhesives Applications in the coming years, where the request for more sustainable product solutions turns out to be one of the mega-trends.

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