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A new Polyolefin polymer with unique properties was introduced for the construction hygiene industry. The Polyolefin polymer is used in a hot melt adhesive (HMA) formulation to impart high performance value. The non-woven hygiene industry today is subject to strict government regulations and continuous pressure from the consumer in developing and improving products such as diapers, adult incontinence, femcare products, and medical pads. The challenges include sustainability, odor, VOCs, and cost. For applications in this market, there is an increasing need for manufacturers to resolve these issues.

The new polymer is designed to target six areas of concern simultaneously, 1) Lower coat weight; 2) Lower application temperature; 3) Sustainability; 4) Processability; 5) Higher polymer content; and 6) Formula simplicity. The formulated HMA is applied to the polyethylene and polypropylene substrate layers and absorbent material, which construct the incontinence product. The versatility of the polymer allows for the HMA to be applied by spray or slot-die methods and the polymer is compatible with other polyolefins for performance optimization throughout the product lifecycle.

FEICA Conference